With so many different styles of carpeting to choose from at Floor Coverings International of Aurora, ON, the decision process can sometimes be difficult. To help you get started on the process of narrowing down your options, we’ve put together a carpet buying guide that will cover some of the main considerations that go into selecting the perfect carpet for your home or office.

A Quick Overview of Your Options

Main Carpet StylesCarpeting, Aurora Ontario

Berber: Loop pile, low pile height, great durability, and trackless

Cable: Cut pile, very soft, dense, comfortable, and luxurious

Frieze: Cut pile with long, twisted strands, hides dirt well, soft, and cozy

Plush: Cut pile with short strands, luxurious, velvety appearance

Saxony: Cut pile with short twisted strands, soft, formal

Textured Saxony: Cut pile with medium twisted strands, soft, trackless

Main Carpet Fibers

Nylon: Most common fiber, durable, resilient, good stain resistance

Olefin: Polypropylene, very stain resistant (except oil-based), inexpensive

Polyester: Beautiful color, fade resistant, non-allergenic, very soft

Wool: Top of the line, natural, durable, very resilient, expensive

Carpet buyingHow to Choose

Before thinking about which kinds of carpeting you might favor, ask yourself some questions about the room it will be installed in and how that room is typically used. Who is going to see the carpet? Who is going to use the carpet? How are they are going to use it? How much overall foot traffic is the room going to get? Once you select a style of carpet and a fiber that are suitable to your needs, you can then move on to thinking about color and overall design.

 Some Room-Based Suggestions

Basement: Basements tend to have higher moisture levels than other areas of the home. For this reason, we recommend olefin or polyester for basements because they are highly mold and mildew resistant.

Bedroom: Warmth and comfort are probably the most important factors when it comes to bedroom carpeting. Cable, frieze, saxony, and textured saxony are all good choices. The bedroom is a lower-traffic area, so many fibers will work well. We recommend polyester, nylon, or wool.

Dining room: In the dining room you will probably want to find a happy medium between a luxurious, formal look, and anti-stain properties. A polyester plush or saxony will stand up well to staining and look fancy doing it. You might also consider an olefin berber to do the job.

Family Room: If you have that room in your home that is kind of like the living room, except that you don’t use it unless you have important company, then you’ll probably want a luxurious looking carpet that doesn’t need to stand up to heavy traffic. Consider going with cable, plush, or saxony, and keep fibers like olefin and polyester in mind, along with nylon and wool.

Living Room: The living room is usually a high-traffic, high-use area with the potential to gather dirt and experience spills. Think about going with cable, frieze or textured saxony that will hide tracks, and keep polyester, nylon, and wool at the top of your list of fibers.

Office: This is another room that experiences lower traffic – other than your office chair rolling around. It’s a good idea to get a plastic mat to go underneath your chair, regardless of the carpeting you choose. We think berber, plush, and saxony work well in offices, especially when made from nylon, olefin, or wool.

Rec Room: This is often a less formal room that might take some abuse. A berber would work well and polyester or nylon will provide the balance between durability, comfort, and affordability you’ll likely want in a rec room.

Photo Credit: rancorn, Offscreen