Aurora FlooringMost people these days make the decision to sell their homes anywhere from 2-3 years before actually putting it on the market. And while 2-3 years may seem like an awfully long time, planning ahead like this gives homeowners more than enough time to tie up loose ends around their home as well as make any home improvements that can benefit them in the sales process. And while moderate home improvements like new gutters, refreshed landscaping and painting can really help a home’s curb appeal from the outside, new flooring can similarly help it on the inside.

With that being said, here’s a look at the best flooring options to have in your home if you’re looking to help it sell faster and for more money:

Hardwood Flooring

It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that hardwood flooring is the No. 1 flooring choice of most home buyers, but it should surprise you to learn just how overwhelming the feeling is. Most realtors poll their buyers – and most realtors report that more than 90 percent of all the buyers that they work with prefer hardwood flooring to other flooring options. Yes, hardwood flooring is hot, and it’s been hot really since the 1980s. What’s more is that there are no signs of this flooring preference slowing down anytime soon. People don’t just love hardwood flooring for its look, but for its durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

It’s hard to put an exact dollar on the return on investment you can expect, but most real estate experts say that you can expect to recoup 1.5 times what you originally paid for the flooring when you go to sell. And keep in mind that homes with hardwood floors generally sell much faster, and can be listed as a feature in the listing itself.

It’s also worth mentioning that you might have hardwood flooring underneath carpeting in some rooms in your home and not even know it. If that’s the case, tear up the carpet and have the hardwood floors refinished before your house goes on the market. You won’t regret it when the offers start coming in.


While carpet isn’t as beloved as hardwood floors by most buyers, people still like it – specifically in bedrooms. But there’s a catch to carpet – it has to be the right type of carpet. In other words, if a buyer purchases a home with carpet, there’s a good chance that they’ll be replacing the carpet with a style that they like. So you’re likely not going to get the ROI from carpet that you would for hardwood floors (in fact, you’ll likely just recoup the original cost of the carpet in your home’s listing price), but we recommend a few things with carpet to make your home look as desirable as possible:

  • Have it professionally deep cleaned before you list your home. This will make it look like new and eliminate any matted down areas.
  • Choose a neutral color. A buyer can be turned off walking into a home with unusual colored or styled carpet and realize that they’ll have to pay a significant amount upon purchase to replace it all to their liking.

Selling a home can be an exciting time as you close out one chapter of your life and begin a new one, and a few key improvements can really help what you get for your home and how quickly it is able to sell. Flooring is certainly nothing to overlook when it comes to this. Give the experts at Floor Coverings International of Aurora, ON a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation today! We look forward to working with you.

Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography